Best Bluehost Alternatives In Affordable Prices! 2021

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Best BlueHost Alternatives In Affordable Prices

Hello friends, Best Bluehost Alternatives at best and unbeatable prices. 

Bluehost offers faster loading web sites than most other web-hosting providers,

you can exact your website to be around 20% faster than other solutions in this similar price range.

bluehost alternatives

Every single Bluehost plan comes with a free domain and a free SSL certificate.

Getting everything included in your plan saves you around $15 per year you also get 50 gigabytes of SSD storage space even with the cheapest plan.

In most cases 50 gigabytes is actually way more than you actually need when creating your website and having a free domain name with a free SSL certificate is a huge benefit,

that you should strongly consider when choosing your web hosting provider.

bluehost alternatives

If you want to create a website with WordPress Bluehost, is a no-brainer choice.

They’re recommended by WordPress themselves; they’ve basically built their whole brand around being WordPress friendly.

You get an easy one-click WordPress installer that will install WordPress and some helpful plugins for you automatically

Bluehost will also update your WordPress version, installed themes and plugins automatically as well.  So, if you want to create a WordPress website definitely choose Bluehost.

Even though Bluehost advertises monthly prices the shortest plan you can buy is for 1 year.

bluehost alternatives

And, that will cost you a one-time payment of $60 if you decide to go with Bluehost you will have to commit for at least a year because they do not offer monthly plans. 

Most other web hosting providers don’t offer monthly plans as well it’s just something that happens in this industry.

If you already have your website and you want to switch to Bluehost they will not transfer your website to their servers for free.

It will cost you $150 per website, or you’ll have to do it yourself.

Bluehost doesn’t offer free website migration because providers, like a2 hosting, do but it’s not really that big of a deal if you know how to migrate the website yourself or you don’t even have a website to migrate in the first place.

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Best Bluehost Alternatives 

  • InterServer
  • Hostinger
  • Hostgator
  • WPX
  • Namecheap
  • Site Ground

Details Of BlueHost Alternatives

1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting claimed that their managed WordPress hosting has the world’s fastest content delivery network CDN.

They also claim that they are the fastest WordPress hosts and twice as fast as their competitors they say that they are number one for web hosting on both g2 crowd and Trustpilot.

This hosting also claims that their 24-hour support responds on average in 37 seconds. This hosting also says that they have thousands of happy customers that use them to host their WordPress websites.

The reason that the WPX hosting service is so fast is that they use the latest high specification SSD servers they employ experienced and highly knowledgeable WordPress support agents.

Who will fix any problem customer feedback and review an incredible product like everything works sand works really fast and really good amazing support.

The customer support is next level they are kind patient and incredibly helpful.

2. Name Cheap

Name Cheap is a web hosting company that mainly specializes in cheap domain names And Cheap hosting.

I wanted to talk to you guys about Namecheap and some of the great benefits that you get with not only the domain names themselves but also the web hosting.

if you are looking for a reliable web hosting company to get your website started today, then this Namecheap is the best for you.

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3. Site Ground

Site Ground is One of the Most Trusted Company in Hosting Industry.  Site Ground is already hosting 2,000,000 domains. 

This is a great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects both new and established ones.

4. Hostgator

You’ve already seen a ton of ads about Host gator. They’re a really big web hosting provider that have been in business for over 17 years now. Host gator is mostly known for their web hosting services.

Host Gator provides you with hosting services like Linux shared hosting, windows shared hosting, open source web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS server hosting and Dedicated server.

Host Gator Offer starts at Rs 99 per month.  It is a starter pack, in this package you get hosting for only 1 domain, 10 GB of disk space, 100 GB transfer, 5 email accounts, unlimited database, free SSL certificate, single click installation, free cPanel  , New PHP 7.1.

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5. Hostinger

 Hostinger claims to offer the fastest web hosting at the price of $0.80, nobody can beat starting at just $0.80 a month. can you expect should you choose Hosting as your web hosting provider?

For this Hosting I  comparing their price-performance support and features to such Giants as Go Daddy, Site Ground, and Bluehost.

A 4-year single share plan with Hosting will cost you $50.53 this includes the domain name for one year and an SSL certificate to make your website secure for a lifetime.

You want to have an SSL certificate because it gives you that little green lock next to your domain name and makes your users leave faster than a not secure tag.

You’ll also get 100 gigabytes of bandwidth what does that mean in human language well your website will run smoothly if you’re getting around 5,000 unique visitors to your website per day.

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6. InterServer

Interserver- service probably the best-hosting company.

That you’ve never heard about so I want to shed some light on them, share my opinions test results and overall what kind of performance can you expect for the amount,

That you’re pending what immediately stands out is that interstellar only offers one shared hosting plan.

Inter server has no starter or medium or pro plans, there’s just one size fits all type of solution.  When you’re unsure which plan you need to get since they’d only offer one plan. 

The offering comes with pretty decent features you get

unlimited bandwidth and storage,

weekly backups,

unlimited email accounts,

and a free SSL certificate for their bandwidth and storage.

Inter server Terms of Service do not allow this type of portage websites, so take yourself some time, and if you plan to do this don’t choose inter-server.

If you an only a blogger, a small business owner, or just want to open up your own e-commerce store inter-server actually offers some pretty good deals.

Inter server offers something they call the price log guarantee that means if you buy web hosting for five dollars a month you will be built five dollars a month until you cancel basically.

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A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hosting providers that are available right now. This hosting turbo plans might not be all that turbo. Do you already have a website?

Well, A2 hosting will move your websites from your old web hosting provider to A2 hosting completely free of charge.

Other providers like Blue host charge as much as $150 per website transfer and A2 hosting just does it for free.

And this is an awesome feature especially if you already have a website, but you’re a bit uncomfortable with the idea of moving it somewhere else,

because there is some work involved and there’s always the possibility that something might break leaving your website not functioning.

The great thing about these free migrations is that you can just hand over your website to A2 hosting experts and they’ll do everything for you free of charge.

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Most hosting providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee or even a 90-day money-back guarantee.

 This hosting goes a step further for 30 days your plans are fully refundable and after the 30 days are up you are eligible to get a refund for the unused time on your plans.

A2 hosting one of the safest choices,

if you’re just looking for a web hosting provider to test the waters with since they move your existing website to their servers for free and they give you an unlimited amount of time to get a partial refund. 


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