Best Free Blogging Sites In India For Beginners! 2021

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Best Free Blogging Sites For Beginners 

Hello guys this is Prafulla here, and today we are talking about the Best Free Blogging Sites For Beginners both paid and free versions right now.

Let’s get into the content let’s talk about the best blogging platforms. The best blogging platform to make money are going to differ greatly from the free options out there,

we want to give you a detailed comparison so you can have a better understanding of this topic.

This blog will help you choose the best blogging platform for you.  In the basic overview we’re going to be covering what is a platform for blogging, what is a blog, hosting site, how do bloggers make money the best blog, and the best blogging platforms.

Write More Quality Blogs & Earn More Money

We’ll also talk about some other free blogging platforms and how you can start a blog and get started making money.

 It’s very important when considering all of these blogging platforms, to begin with, the end,

 When you start the process of choosing the best blogging platform, so for some you might be wondering well what is a platform for blogging okay so what are blogging platforms.

Let’s talk about that really all websites are composed of a ton of lines of codes written that work together to build the appearance of a website.

Hat there are several limitations that come with free blog sites, the first is the ability to make money with ads, ownership of the domain name, access to plugins, and ways to customize your blog storage space as you grow, and as your blog grows you’ll need more and more storage space for your blog access to premium themes and more.

free blogging sites

You can read more about this in our differences between free and self-hosted and blog hosting on our article on vs

Let’s go to explaining the main subject of this article, now let’s get into the what are the best blogging platforms.

 What are the best platforms to hold your blog, there are really big and popular ones and we’ve organized this by the best ones?

The Best Free Blogging Sites 

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • SquarSpace
  • Weebly
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium

1. WordPress.Com

 Word Press is not only the number one most widely used blogging platform in the world, it hosts what I believe is over 30 percent of the Internet. 40 percent of all websites that you visit online on the Internet are hosted on a platform are platform.

So that’s a massive chunk of the entire internet Terabytes you know Terabytes on terabytes of information posted on Word Press.

 This is by far there’s so there’s a free version called and there’s a paid version called by far the best part about using

The Reason Why We Recommend

 You get access to thousands of free plugins that allow you to customize your blog in a variety of ways.

 You will learn that by using other platforms or other places that you will be limited in your ability to customize.

That is a problem especially if you want to make money because of making amounts of money about optimizing your website for greater conversions.

If you’re not optimized for those better conversions well then you will make less money and have less of a chance of succeeding and making a full-time income blogging.

Other blog platforms are not as widely used so they have fewer plugins.

I Will have the solution for you because it has such a massive variety and a massive user base so let’s look at the pros and cons of Word Press.

Okay, there’s a difference between and There’s not a whole lot that you need to worry about in this video if you’re just looking for a free platform you just want going to wanton go with

Later on in the future if you decide that blogging is for you and you want to do it permanently you are no longer test-driving, it you want to do this full-time or you want to continue to do it then you will have to move from to and pay for your own hosting.

A little bit of you knows some different elements that go into if you want to just test drive head on over to

Best Bluehost Alternatives

The Benefits Of WordPress

  • More control of your blog design.
  • You have access to thousands of plugins.
  • You have access to thousands of themes.
  • Great customer support
  • Tons of articles written on using the platform
  • It’s also easier to integrate with most software.

2. Wix

Wix is probably known as drag-and-drop software. This makes it incredibly user-friendly and has a much smaller learning curve as opposed to WordPress.

There is a free version as well but it is even more limited than the free version of Word Press. There are very few customizations offered on the free version.

Start your website today with Wix, the paid version is really the only way to go if you’re looking to make money using Wix.

The benefits of Wix

  • Easy to drag-and-drop software
  • It incredibly beginner-friendly
  • Less of a learning curve

If you want to build an e-commerce store on your site the free version so if you ever want to sell physical products like is going to cost you more, the free version is very limited.

It was a really easy platform to use I felt like it was incredibly user-friendly but I haven’t seen too many people use the upgraded Wix plans permanently.

I don’t typically see like full-time bloggers use Wix but I do still think that it’s a really great free platform for you to use to just kind of test drive things same as all the rest of these platforms it’s a good user-friendly free place to join.

3. Squarespace

Most people probably heard about Squarespace

This is the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop software, it’s also great for a small business. The same is that they’re far fewer options for themes and third-party plugins.

Especially when compared to WordPress plans are less flexible and more expensive to add eCommerce stores and other add-ons far fewer software and integrations in WordPress. It is one of the best free blogging sites.

 And significantly more expensive than the previous options discussed the pricing of a Squarespace website starts at $12 a month.

So that’s much greater than say a Bluehost at 2 dollars and 75 cents the bottom line is this is a great option for those who ageless tech.

Types Of Digital Marketing

4. Weebly

Another drag-and-drop software seeing a trend of beginner-friendly drag-and-drop software.

Weebly comes with very few software integrations and it’s significantly more expensive than again a thing like Word Press because it starts at $8 a month for a very limited plan.

This is actually a website platform. It is was nice to have at the beginning just very limited.

We believe I would say one of the less popular in the sense that it’s not hard to use or it’s not a bad option I think that it’s a good option

but I just don’t see a ton of people use it but it still is yet another platform that you can check out so maybe you just prefer their interface or you prefer the options.

5. Blogger (Best Free Blogging Sites)

Many people have heard of blogger it’s actually owned by Google. It’s one of the free blogging platforms.

That you can install Google Adsense and earn revenue on that is an advantage of the blogger.

It’s probably one of the most popular platforms that people use to test drive blogging. I do think that even though’s incredibly popular I think that the interface is a bit outdated but, it’s still a great option.

You can sign up for free and then you can go ahead and put up your blog post and you know really test drive the whole blogging feel.

Unfortunately, you’ll still run some problems as mentioned before its lack of customization is due to the fact.

That you know it’s not like a word press it’s not a sort of open-source software where people can make their own plugins and create their own templates and make a collaborative effect to building a big beautiful website.

Blogger is Best For Beginners

Aside from the ability to earn ad revenue, it is so much harder for you to monetize with a blogger there are no paid hosting options.

You also can’t have your don’t own domain name using blogger right so your mean nothing looks less professional than or creating. Blogspot in the URL.

6. Tumblr (One More Free Blogging Sites)

Tumblr is very popular, especially I think with the younger generation I feel like a lot of younger kids really know and use Tumblr. I’m a huge fan of Tumblr, it’s not really a place for you to go and practice blog posts. 

like a medium you’re not really going to create your own website you’re going to create a free account and then you can post things.

 If you’re a younger person I would think in the 20s you’ll probably know what 20 Tumblr is special.

If you’re in your teens Tumblr is going to be something you’re pretty familiar with the design and software though is limited in Tumblr.

And obviously makes it more difficult to monetize your blog each of these free blogging platforms is not for those of you who want to make a serious income blogging.

 It’s just not the way to go so but there are upsides especially if you just are doing this as sort of a hobby one upside of Tumblr compared to bloggers.

You can purchase your own domain name with the use of your site. Bloggers you have to. Blogspot but you can have a domain like creatinggo.Co.

So you’re not typically you will not see a lot of people write blog posts it is more like photography or you know graphics focus.

If you’re a really great graphic designer or you’re a really great photographer or you are just a budding artist you know, maybe you haven’t got quite gotten to the point to where you’re a wonderful photographer,

but you’re working on it and you want a place to go and share your photos then Tumblr would be a good place to go.

7. Medium (Another Free Blogging Sites)

Now the medium is very different from the other platforms that I have mentioned it is not like Weebly, Wix, WordPress, or blogger.

it’s not a place where you can go and create a blog but it is a place where you can go and write blog posts and post blog posts.

Honestly, the only reason that you would start a medium account, so you’re not even going to start a blog you’re just going to start a medium account is to just get honestly get in the practice of writing blog posts and posting content online.

You’re not going to have your own website you’re not going to have like a direct link really for people to go to you’re going to go and create a free account and then you can post.

 Your own blog posts or your own articles or whatever and so it really is just a place for you to go practice the writing aspect of it.

Alright guys I will see you on the next blog


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