Best AdSense Alternatives For Websites 2020

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Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Websites

Google AdSense Alternatives to monetize your website. Google AdSense is the best ad Network for earning money online through your website or blog ads.

In this blog I will give you the top 12 best Google AdSense Alternatives

source From Google adsense

It offers a different kind of ads to make more money from your website traffic, but it is not the only option out, there are lots of Adsense alternative you can use on your site.

So if your blog or website is not approved by AdSense, so any other reason you can use these similar ad networks on your website for making money.

Let’s talk about the best Google AdSense alternatives.

List Of Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  • RevContent 
  • Content.Ad
  • Amazon Associates
  • Propeller ads
  • Sovrn
  • Reklamstore
  • Admaven
  • Monumetric
  • Evadav
  • AdSterra
  • Infolink

1. RevContent

RevContent is one of the best native advertising platform to make money with your website.

You can place this ad network code with AdSense or any other ads platform.

Source From Revcontent

You need to have 50,000 minimum traffic requirement to join this network. The minimum threshold $50.00 to receive your earnings through Paypal.

2. Content.Ad is the great so it’s possible publishers to put native ads on their website.

Source from

If you are interested in placing native advertising code on your site. You can apply for this network with result $50.

There are various payment methods available to withdraw your earnings.

Can i use other ads with AdSense?

Definiatly You can use other platform like, amazon associates etc.

3. Amazon associates (The Best AdSense Alternatives)

 I mention affiliate programs the best choice for any web site to earn extra money from affiliate sales.

Source From Amazon Associates

If you have a niche site or not you can place different products links types.

Well you can also put native shopping ads to earn extra money from Amazon Associates.

This is the best way to get extra additional income without any affiliate marketing.

4. (one of the best Adsense alternatives) the best Hudson’s alternative to monetize website traffic. You can also use with your AdSense ad unit.

Source From

This contextual ads over the highest rpm rate for some niche sold right this ad network.

On your niche website because you might earn more money from, but some niche are not good for this ad platform.

There is no minimum traffic requirement, but you need to have good quality content and also media dot net this for Taiwan countries traffic.

What is the best alternative to AdSense?

The best alternative to google adsense is given in the list.
With the help of this list you can choose best alternative to adsense.

5. Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is another best alternative to AdSense. It offers a range of ads format for publishers to increase their earnings.

Their ads bypass at blocking tool will help you boost your earnings on ad block users. As a publicity you can also earn from referral program.

Source From PropellerAds

The minimum withdrawal is five dollars. Weekly payment option available, they have different payment methods like Paypal, Web Money, Payoneer, Skrill and Wire Transfer. 

the Platform with a range of premium tools to simplify the ad management sector monetize performance get at customized ad formats too much your site at new souls.

6. Sovrn

This platform offers multiple ad formats and size that can be used on your site.

 Matching with ads layouts it offers various tools technologies and services to kill publicist.

Source from Sovrn

Make more cash from their at inventories, you can insert in-text advertising solution to earn Affiliate commission from your external links.

Payment methods Paypal, ACH, Wire Transfer payment term is net forty-five minimum payment result 25 dollars.

Can I Earn Money Without AdSense?

yes, you can earn money from affiliate marketinkg
there is lots of platform avilable for affiliate marketing.

7. Reklamstore

Is so very good digital advertising platform to check out in 2020.

This ad network offers various ad formats like standard display ads, interactive advertising native ads, pop-up ads, pop ads and also push notification ads.

from ReklamStore

You can also use cater building technology referral program you will get ten percentage Commission based on their income.

You can also use header bidding  technology referral program you will get ten percentage Commission based on their income.

8. Admaven

This is another best at installed in adverse network

You can place multiplied formats on your site.

from AdMaven

They have flexible payment method so you can choose your favorite way to getting paid.

AdMaven provides high CPM and worldwide had in person you will get dedicated Account Manager supports.

Which ads pay the most AdSense?

Insurance, Gas, Electricity, Loans, Mortgage, Lawyer,
Donation, Conference Call, Attorny. This type of ads Pay the most to Adsense.

9. Monumetric

Monumetric is the best alternative to AdSense, this is the best CPM at a network.

So you get paid for if they impress on your site kids not click and if they appear. It’s one of the best CPM combines.

source from monumetric

It ‘sat rates much higher than AdSense, and this is an excellent choice for increasing your earning .

The minimum traffic requirement is 10 thousand page views and native pay $99 setup fee you can monetize your site with premium advertisers.

So you will more money from this network they have video advertising.

You can earn more money from this side compared to other networks


It is the push notification and in native ads for publishers.

source from evadav

Push notification appear as a see more pop-ups on the screen users device. This is a good platform to check out minimum payout of $25.

It has a referral program that pays you by percentage of the revenue you made by refer to publicist.

The publishers can make money for worldwide traffic there is no minimum traffic requirement to join this network.

11. Addsterra

This ad platform provides a range of online advertising service for both publishers and advertisers.

source from Adsterra

Monetize you have every impression with 100 percentage fill rates, and competitive cpms with customized to your needs solution.

There is a great range of the travel option to get your money.

It has a referral program so invite your friends to earn extra money.

To join this network no minimum traffic requirement. The small publishers instantly had approval payment dates 1st and 16th of each month. 

It is one of the best google Adsense alternatives.

12. Infolink

This Ad network running ads on one lakh websites.  Infolink have 240 million unique monthly user. 

source from Infolink

Ad view of the month comes to 1.5 billion. This is the third largest publisher marketplace. 

Infolink contributes 70% of its revenue to its publishers, and retains 30% of itself.

If there is less traffic on your block, if the traffic on your website is less if you do not have organic traffic.

You have the content of any language, you can easily get approval from it.

If we talk about revenue, infolink has much less revenue than AdSense and less Advertisers on Infolink as compaire to and AdSense.
Their threshold is 50 dollars. If more than 50 dollars are deposited in your account, then they send money to you.

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So there are so many ads networks are available to monetize your website.

When it comes to the highest earning and the user-friendly AdSense always on the top.

Some of the ad networks of additional opportunity to make extra income and also you can use this ad network with AdSense.

But placing too many ads on a single page not only affect your overall earnings but also it hurts SEO and user experience.

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Thank you so much and see you in the next blog.


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