Types Of Digital Marketing For Beginners! In India 2021

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Types Of Digital Marketing 2021

Hello friends, I am  Prafulla, coming back with a new blog Types Of Digital Marketing.  If you use the internet regularly, then you must have heard about digital marketing.  But if you don’t know anything about digital marketing. Don’t worry, i am going to give full information about digital marketing in this blog. 

So friends, first of all let me tell you that digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing and web marketing are all the same.  In today’s time, the growth of digital marketing is very fast. So many Types Of digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing

Hence every company makes the most use of digital marketing to promote its service, products, business. 

This is one way to expand your business and increase its brand value, that is why every company creates a website under the name of its business.

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More than millions of people in the world use the Internet. And the number of internet users are increasing day by day. This is the reason that the growth of digital marketing is also happening fast. There are ways to make digital marketing, which is increasing over time.

There is a lot of difference in online marketing compared to offline marketing. With the help of online marketing you can promote your products to target audiences. Digital Marketing  is the fastest way to serve  your products and services to the people.

Large companies spend millions of rupees to promote their products online, and they get their results very well. The biggest reason for this is to spend more time by the logo on the Internet, the person who spends less than 3 hours every day. Therefore the internet has become the biggest marketing place.

Types Of Digital Marketing,

  1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  3. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  4. Apps Marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Google Ad Words

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Search Engine Optimization

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If you are a blogger or website owner, then you must know about it. With the help of SEO, you can optimize your site and get it ranked at the top in search engines. And you can get maximum organic traffic on your website, for this you need to have knowledge of SEO. Do you know that a lot of companies spend millions of rupees on the SEO of their website. If you become an expert by yourself, you can also get a good salary job.

 SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is a paid digital marketing technique. Due to which we can put ads on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and from there you can bring paid traffic to your business website. With this, you can increase the popularity of your website and the cell of your products

PPC (Pay Per Click)

 In this, you give the responsibility of promoting your product to any advertising company through advertising. Such as Google Adwords, which is a popular advertising platform. In this, the number of times people see the advertisement of your product and click it, the same time you have to pay that advertising platform.

Apps Marketing

Apps Marketing

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As many big websites are there, you get to see their apps on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Because in today’s digital world everyone has a smartphone and most people prefer to use apps like shopping, money transfer, online booking, social media. That is why you can increase digital marketing by creating company apps.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a Commission Base Marketing. Online shopping and products selling companies run affiliate programs within which you can sell the products of that website. After that you get some money in the form of commission, this is the smartest way of digital marketing. Which is also called marketing of the website, which also leads to the sale of the product, because in affiliate marketing, there is a commission on product selling only.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is essential for any company to do email marketing, because new offers and discounts are available, you can send them directly to your customers through email. And you can also get feedback from our customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing which is the easiest and popular way.  A lot of companies use social media for their promotion.  You must have seen the ads of all the companies on your social media too.  Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

Google Ad Words

You must have seen a lot of adds on the internet, most of which are shown by Google. With the help of Google Ad ward, you can market your products. This is a paid service, which you have to pay. After that you can address your product up to the target audience. With Google Ad Words, you can run many types of advertising.

So Many Advertising Types Such As:

  • Display Advertising
  • Text advertising
  • Sponsor search
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
 Display Advertising

In this type of advertising, we can advertise our product by making a 10 to 20 second video, gif or banner ad, highlighting our product in it.

Text Advertising

 when text is displayed in place of image or video on a blog or website, it is called Text add.

Sponsor Search

When you search a website in a search engine, then it is shown above the first result of other website search related to that website, in one corner of which the ad is written, the product written by the ad is the sponsor search product.

Mobile Ads

This method is completely new, you can send SMS directly to the user through mobile ads. If the user does a smartphone, then he can display adds on his mobile screen.

You people must have seen a lot of times, whenever you do mobile, suddenly there is an ads display on the mobile screen in the middle, we call it mobile advertising.

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Video Ads

You must have seen that whenever you watch a video on YouTube, it shows 5 seconds or 30 seconds of ads, there are many ways in digital marketing that you can do advertising. Such as Popup Ads, Match Content Ads, Floating Ads, Classified Ads, Frame Ads, Banner Ads are many ways.

So friends, you must have come to know how important digital marketing is. All digital marketing agencies are earning millions of rupees by providing service to big companies.

If you want to become a digital marketing expert then there are courses available in the market from where you can become certified digital marketing expert. Or you can also learn through video tutorials on YouTube. And this can be a very good career option for you.


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